Kakuro Cross Sums

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A Kakuro puzzle is a variant of Sudoku and a extremely addictive fashion game. The Kakuro is a crossword puzzle that uses numbers instead of words. Search them.

The clues are in the small triangles. Answers (white squares) must contain numbers whose sum is equal to the given clue. Possible numbers are 1 to 9. You can not repeat numbers in the same answer ( row or column )

This simple game is one of the most addictive puzzles in the market, even more than Sudoku. So if you’re already bored of Sudoku or crossword puzzles, you must try this hiper-addictive game.
All puzzles have solution.
The puzzles are generated automatically, and you can choose three level of difficulties, as well as three sizes.

Enjoy this summer Kakuro Cross sums, a game to boost your mind and entertain you for hours.


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